Choosing the right size for your CHINA SHANGHAI Mask is essential for ensuring the mask performs effectively. The CHINA SHANGHAI Mask is available in 15 different designs and 5 different sizes for the whole family. The CHINA SHANGHAI Mask now has adjustable ear loops for a customised fit. We generally recommend using your weight to choose the size as suggested in each size description. Please bear in mind our sizes cover the whole age range, including children.  You can also refer to the graphic above for specific dimensions of the mask.


The mask can be hand washed with Soap and hot water, however this will not extend the life of the filters as the pollution will be locked into them. As the whole mask is the filter, when past its useful life a new mask is needed. Please do not machine wash or dry the mask. 

CHINA SHANGHAI Masks™ are non-disposable and can be used up to 340 hours. The length of time they are suitable for depends on how polluted the environment is when you use it. A table is provided below.

The mask can be hand washed with Soap and hot water, however this will not extend the life of the filters as the pollution will be locked into them. The mask will need replacing after extended use to ensure proper filtration.

Good news! You don’t need to change the filter because the whole mask is the filter. To provide the best seal possible we have sewn the filter directly into the mask. This does not mean the mask will expire faster either, as they are made to last 3-6 months, please check our usage table above to learn about the guidelines.

The classic mask does not contain any latex.

The valve assists in quick exhalation of CO2 from your mask.


 Almost 100% of Particulate Matter (PM) including PM10, PM2.5 and PM0.3. These are the sort of particles you find in coal dust from power stations, diesel exhaust fumes, factory emissions and from construction works. 

 Almost 100% of gas based air pollution, including odours such as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Ozone, Benzathine, and Formaldehyde. These particulates you can find in petrol fumes, chemical emissions and from many industrial processes.  

 Almost 100% of harmful pathogens such as viruses and bacteria. 

 Other airborne irritants or allergens such as Dust, mould spores, some odours, pet allergens and pollen.

The filters used in the CHINA SHANGHAI Mask meet the N99 standard (higher than N95). This is a US Government specification for pollution masks. CHINA SHANGHAI Masks have been independently tested by Nelson Labs, USA which confirmed almost 100% of particulate pollution, bacteria and viruses were successfully filtered when tested. The masks use a triple-layer filter system which will protect from a range of airborne contaminants.

Test Performance

 99.6% average filtration of viruses

 99.77% average filtration of bacteria

 99.7% average particulate filtration down to 0.3 microns

 Anyone exposed to urban environments with high air pollution levels – any big city often has higher air pollution. You can find a number of apps and websites to tell you the air quality in your area. 

 People in at risk groups for respiratory disease, including children, elderly, pregnant women and those with existing respiratory conditions. 

 Asthmatics and allergy sufferers including Hay Fever. 

 Hobbyists and DIY such as woodworking and sanding. 

 Anyone travelling to regions known for poor air quality such as China and India. 

 Anyone seeking protection for airborne irritants such as Dust and mould


New Distributors 

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Custom Masks 

We are happy to produce custom made masks for you or your company. We have a talented in house design team who will work with you to create a pattern which suits your brand. Please contact us


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